drifting aimlessly

I’m not sure if I’m existentialist or whatever philosophical term people will use to categorize me. I just sometimes feel that life is a bit meaningless, or I’m just drifting around.

And I realized that I tend to feel that way when I’m being passive. I’m not actively doing or participating in anything.

I tend to be on autopilot, perhaps stuck in a routine and going to a job where I don’t really care about what I’m learning. Or stuck in relationships where I’m not growing, and I feel comfortable.

And that is when you need to actively create meaning…

After my junior year summer internship as a venture capital analyst, I knew that it was not the career move for me. I went into the internship thinking it was my dream job, but afterwards, I knew that I wanted to do something more creative.

On the last day of work, my manager sat me down for some career advice.

“When I was your age,” he said, “I started my first job in investment banking. I hated it, but my girlfriend at that time was doing it, so I just went along with it.” He paused.

“Then I realized I…

“I’m depressed” — I wrote in my journal, circa Jan 2019, after a day at work.

I wasn’t actually depressed.

I was like a fish in the wrong pond, a Skittle in a bowl of M&M’s. If you paid enough attention, you could tell that I was a bit out of place.

So you might be thinking…

Why did I join venture capital in the first place?

I thought it was my dream job.

Junior year of college, all I could think about was VC. I had interned in a few startups by that point and wanted to learn how the other side of the table worked. What made a…

a glaring blank page

A How-To Guide to Jumpstarting the Creative Process

I used to love blank pages.

I used to love its glaringness, emptiness, its jarring blankness staring back at me. I used to jolt in excitement every time I opened up a new Pages doc or flip to an empty new page in my notebook. I would be eager to imbue the white pages with black ink, inundate it with my deepest and darkest desires, my reckless and uninhibited emotions. I let myself go, and never held myself back.

Until college. I stopped writing.

It was a combination of I was scared…

Image result for digital therapeutics

Before the Internet and the proliferation of information, people were less educated about new findings. We knew that being healthy was important, but information was siloed. Our health knowledge stemmed from traditional beliefs our parents taught us or sources including certain health magazines, websites, or TV shows.

But times have changed.

We now have access to a plethora of information. Published findings tell us that we should engage in cardio aerobic exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes each, that we should eat a certain amount of fruits and veggies everyday, and that breakfast is crucial for…

a creative piece on writing.

somehow, when written, words speak differently. it speaks more real, more authentically. the awkwardness of the space in between if we stand facing each other, the awkwardness of the coffee sip and the wavering eye contact of a physical encounter, fades.

it’s just words on a paper.

I don’t ever have to see you, or interact with you, or be friends with you, but you can reach me and Ican reach you and we can have a connection.

isn’t that so powerful?

when sometimes at the depths of your despair it is not hugs but words that warm you. words…

I have identified these problems that I fervently wish someone would solve (I’m currently working on another idea so will not have enough time).

1. Dieting app, especially related to eating disorders.

Currently behavioral tech (as I’ve written in my previous post) and specifically digital therapeutics is gaining traction.

There is Joyable (social anxiety) and telemedicine apps for depression, anxiety: Talkspace, Ginger.io,7 Cupps etc. There are also apps for milder mental health concerns such as stress management or “life coaching”: Genie, Happy. And there are apps for meditation: Headspace, Stop Breathe & Think, Simple Habit.

Problem: However, there are no…

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